About Virtual Hospital®

Quality health information has been the hallmark of Virtual Hospital® and Virtual Children's Hospital® since the early 1990s when www.vh.org was among the first sites on the Internet.

For two decades, faculty and staff from the University of Iowa's Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine and UI Hospitals and Clinics wrote and published health care information that millions of Internet users sought on the pages of Virtual Hospital (www.vh.org) and Virtual Children's Hospital (www.virtualchildrenshospital.org). 

Patient information on a variety of topics from both of these websites is now available on the pages of uihc.org. The health content, prepared and reviewed by health professionals, continues to serve the UI Health Care mission of educating patients and families about their health and informing them about the expert services available at UI Hospitals and Clinics for maintaining their health and well being.

You may be interested in the latest Virtual Hospital® program, the Virtual Hospitalist Service created by the Signal Center for Health Innovation in partnership with University of Iowa Health Care.