Clinical Trials

Changing Medicine. Changing Lives.® That phrase captures our belief that research makes a difference in the best treatment and outcomes.

Review our current clinical trials

Here’s why you might consider participating in a clinical trial?

  • You may benefit from the very latest medicines and treatments, including some that aren’t widely available outside a research hospital like ours.
  • You may receive in-depth examinations and tests at no cost.
  • You may be reimbursed for your time and expenses.
  • You will be contributing to a better understanding of the science behind medical treatments.

What exactly is a clinical trial?

The intent of a clinical trial is to look for new and better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, or treat a disease. At any one time, there are hundreds of clinical trials being conducted by UI Hospitals & Clinics physicians and researchers. 

Clinical trials usually fit one of these criteria:

  • Treatment trials test new ways to treat disease.
  • Prevention trials test new methods to lower the risk of disease.
  • Screening trials test the best ways to detect a disease in its early stages.
  • Observational trials look at the link between risk factors and disease or the effect of treatments for the disease.
  • Correlative trials use blood and tissue samples to look at disease risk or how well a treatment is working.
  • Quality of life trials look at ways to improve comfort and quality of life for patients.