EMS Outreach Education Program

We at AirCare are committed to providing the highest quality patient care with every patient. Using that same thought process, we want to help all EMS communities be able to provide that same excellent care to the patients they serve. So we have started an EMS Outreach Education Program for any agency that is interested in continuing education. In collaboration with UIHC’s EMSLRC we will be providing complimentary CEHs to EMS programs.

Simply choose from the list of topics we currently offer, or if you do not see a topic you would like, please ask and we will create a presentation on that topic. We are in the infancy of this program so we are always looking for more topic ideas to add to the list we have. Once the topic, date and time is selected a member of our flight team will come to your location to provide the education on that topic.

We know that in many small communities you as EMS providers are caring for your neighbors, friends and families and we want to make sure that you have as much up-to-date information you can when caring for all those patients and everyone you meet at their time of need. As our paramedics come from working in the EMS community and working side by side with you on flights this is a small way of giving back to you for all you do every day.

Please complete the form and Nick Nedza will be in contact with you regarding your education request. If you have questions, comments or would rather just contact Nick directly to set up your education he can be contacted at nicholas-nedza@uiowa.edu.

Thank you, we look forward to working with you soon and as always, stay safe.