Gallbladder Surgery Clinic

Most gallbladder surgery is due to complications of gallstones such as bile duct occlusion, gallbladder infection, gallstone impaction, or pancreatitis. Sometimes surgery is necessary for gallbladder polyps or gallbladder ischemia, which is most common in critically ill patients. Occasionally, gallbladder surgery is necessary for biliary dyskinesia, when the gallbladder has a problem emptying its bile.

If cancer is present in the gallbladder, we work with the gallbladder cancer team to design the best care plan for you. The gastrointestinal surgery team routinely performs these procedures using minimally invasive approaches such as laparoscopy. We work closely with our gastroenterology experts when there are potential problems with the bile duct so these can also be managed in a minimally invasive manner.

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