On-Going Care

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Through our network of services, we stay in close contact with you and with services in your community that join in our partnership for your care.

On-Going Care Options

Post-hospital care plans may include return home with in-home services or equipment, placement in an intermediate care facility, or other arrangements needed at time of discharge.

Home Care Options

Members of our nursing staff and social services staff work with patients and families to arrange for appropriate care and equipment to follow the patient beyond their hospital care.

Therapy Options

Our goal for your therapy is to maximize your functional capabilities. Our professionals in a number of rehabilitative therapies are trained to identify factors contributing to your functional limitations and to develop treatment programs designed to enhance your ability to function in appropriate environments.

Transfer Your Prescriptions to Our Pharmacy

You can get all the benefits of filling your prescriptions at a UI Health Care Pharmacy. Use one simple online form to transfer your prescriptions. UI Health Care doctors and pharmacists work from the same records, keeping you safe and making sure your medications are doing exactly what they’re intended to do.

Contacting Your Health Care Team

We encourage you to ask questions and to make certain you understand the information being shared with you by your care givers.

Medical Records Request

You have the right to review, on request, a copy of your medical records and/or receive a copy of you medical records for reasonable copying charges.

Consider Using MyChart

We recommend you consider subscribing to MyChart, a program that allows you to access your medical records securely on-line. You'll find MyChart to be a convenient way to track your appointments, contact members of your care team, and renew your prescriptions. You'll receive MyChart registration information as part of your clinic or hospital discharge instructions.