25 Diet Tips Everybody Should Know

  1. Choose a variety of foods from each group of the Food Pyramid, but select the low calorie items from each group.
  2. Bake or broil meat instead of frying.
  3. Cut excess fat off meat, and remove skin on chicken.
  4. Do not skip meals.
  5. Weigh weekly to avoid the discouragement of daily weight changes.
  6. Eat slowly. Take 20 minutes or more at each meal.
  7. Keep low-calorie snack foods handy, such as celery and carrot sticks.
  8. Eat in one room only and preferably at the table.
  9. Reward yourself for weight loss, but with something other than food (like watching a favorite movie).
  10. Shop from a specific grocery list.
  11. Use fruit packed in its own juice or in a light syrup rather than fruit packed in a heavy syrup.
  12. Fat has twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrates or protein. Use butter, margarine and oils sparingly.
  13. Experiment with herbs, spices, seasoned salts, vinegar or lemon juice to add flavor to foods without adding calories.
  14. Use smaller plates to make servings appear larger.
  15. Drink low-calorie liquids before or during meals to fill up faster.
  16. Use salad dressing rather than mayonnaise to save half the calories.
  17. Replace sour cream with plain yogurt or blended cottage cheese.
  18. Store low-calorie foods in the front of the cupboards or refrigerator and the high-calorie foods in the back.
  19. Eat without reading, watching TV, or being on the computer.
  20. When baking for others, don't make your very favorites.
  21. Keep extra food on the stove or counter rather than at the table.
  22. Prepare a specific amount of food per person when cooking a meal.
  23. In a restaurant request that the potato or dinner roll be excluded from your meal.
  24. Substitute a low-calorie version of the food you crave.
  25. Share orders of high-calorie items with someone else.