4 Steps to Overcome Fading Intimacy

In order to overcome fading intimacy in a committed relationship, you have to attract each other over and over again. To do this, you must understand how your partner’s mind and body react. Women associate emotion and intellectual connection with their sex drive. They are often not as easily aroused. Men, on the other hand, display a more physical response, one that is not driven by thoughts and feelings. Successful relationships are those where the couple is in sync in and outside of the bedroom. Daytime activities done together such as a cooking class, playing a sport, or dance lessons often help increase a couple’s connection before going into the bedroom.

Maintain your interests

When you first began your relationship, you each had separate friends, interests, and ideas. Your individuality is part of what drew you to each other. Keep up your friendships and hobbies and encourage your partner to do the same.

Establish meaningful conversation

Engage in conversations of substance and not just superficial small talk. Make eye contact. Carve out time to sit and listen to each other without judgment and with the same respect you would offer anyone else.

Give importance

Give importance to your sexual relationship. Be flirtatious; it’s intimate and fun! Make time to be romantic; plan a date night. Pay attention to the sexual chemistry you have with your partner; this expression of love goes beyond what words can say.

Don't take your partner for granted

Express your appreciation for your partner – for who they are and for the love and kindness they extend to you. Never underestimate their ability to surprise or delight you.