6 Safe Exercises for Pregnant Women

While pregnant it should be your main priority to keep you and your baby healthy. The right types of exercise will help relieve some discomforts like back pain and sleeping troubles. Exercise can also lift your spirits with the endorphins, feel-good chemicals, your brain will release during and after a workout. You should always talk with your doctor before starting or continuing exercise while pregnant to ensure it is safe for you.

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that is easy on your joints and can help relieve your swollen ankles. You will receive a full body workout and feel light in the water.
Yoga is the perfect exercise to ease your back pain and help you relax throughout your pregnancy. It will strengthen your core muscles and even make labor more comfortable. Many moms-to-be try prenatal classes to keep it gentle and really focus on relaxation.
Walking is one of safest and most beneficial forms of exercise during pregnancy. You can choose to walk outside or on a treadmill to help tone your muscles and improve your mood. Many women can walk right up until their delivery.
Stretching is a great way to ease some of the aches and pains your changing body may be experiencing. Targeting your pelvic, hip, and thigh muscles can help relieve some lower back pains and keep you limber throughout delivery.
Indoor Cycling
Riding a stationary bike will take a load off your legs and is safer than riding outside. Cycling will boost your heart rate without adding extra stress on your joints. As your stomach grows it is smart to raise the handle bars to stay comfortable on the bike.
Low-Impact Aerobics
Low-impact aerobics are perfect for your heart, lungs, and toning your body all over. Water aerobics or traditional aerobics often have beginner and prenatal classes to fit the needs of your changing body. If you are currently a high intensity exerciser you should lower the intensity the farther you get into your pregnancy.