Are You Skinny Fat?

You can’t gauge healthiness on how far the scale tips or what the tag on your shirt reads. If your only concern is keeping those numbers low, you might be mistaking thin for “skinny fat.”

What is skinny fat?
A recently coined term that identifies the people who might look healthy in clothes, but who may have health issues under the surface.
Who are most likely to be skinny fat?
Typically, it’s the people who seem to be able to eat whatever they want, whenever they want. It’s a matter of not being able to see the results of an unhealthy lifestyle on the outside, so it’s easier to neglect what your body needs. The body type often associated with this conditions ectomorphs: naturally tall, slender people who don’t build muscle or store fat easily.
What are the consequences?
Those who don’t pay attention to what is happening to their bodies internally increase their risk for high blood sugar, which could lead to diabetes. Skinny fat people might also have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which can result in hypertension.