Tips to Increase Intimacy

There's an old myth that says as people get older they aren't interested in intimacy. It's time to set the record straight! Try a few of these tips to help increase the intimacy in your relationship.

Take care of your appearance

Remember all that time you spent in front of the mirror when you first starting dating or were first married? While there is more to a relationship than looks, not caring at all about your appearance sends a negative message.

Go to bed at the same time

Bedtime needs to be “couple time.” When you don’t go to bed with your partner, it sends an “I’m not that excited anymore” message. If only one of you is a night owl, you may have to meet in the middle to create a bedtime that works for both of you.

No TV in the bedroom

Your bedroom should be used for only two things: sleep and sex. Any other activities, including a TV, a computer or a treadmill, are distractions that encourage distance.

A.M. affection

If you hardly interact or show affection for each other during the day, how can you expect the passion to magically appear at night? Flirt over your morning coffee. Send your partner off to work with a big hug or kiss. Small reminders such as an e-mail or text throughout the day say “you’re on my mind.”

Intimacy during your golden years

Many older adults, ages 65 to 85, remain sexually active. As we age, sexuality can become challenging as our health conditions change. Conditions concerning our cardiovascular system such as diabetes or high blood pressure may inhibit arousal. Joint health, which can include various types of arthritis, may impair movement or cause pain. Older adults may suffer from a lower libido as well. Talk to your doctor about the different options that may be available so you and your partner can continue to enjoy each other free of worries.

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