Will Chronic Pain Ever Go Away?

Why people get chronic pain is unknown 

A common factor is that our bodies change as we age. Despite all our preferences and needs or wants, no one wants to have a chronic medical condition diagnosis whether it is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurological disease, or chronic pain.

How resilient people are to accept these new conditions can influence how a person views his or her quality of life. A more satisfying explanation for chronic pain may depend on which factors are most important to you. Some feel that aspects of religion, philosophy, human nature, or personal resilience are key factors to how people respond to significant change in their lives.

Don't let chronic pain limit you

When doctors inform patients of a devastating cancer diagnosis, patients are frequently counseled to pursue those important activities that bring meaning to his or her life. Despite all medical treatments, some patients may be incurable. When dealing with chronic pain, similar concepts also prevail. How do you want to live the rest of your natural life expectancy? Don’t let chronic pain limit your personal goals.

Retrain your brain

By thinking of chronic pain as coming from an over-stimulated central nervous system, it may be possible to retrain areas of the brain that are over-stimulated by engaging in other activities that stimulate other parts of the brain. Scientists call this process neural plasticity. Some have experienced reduced pain by concentrating on a new hobby or learning a new language or activity. The common factor with all these approaches is that new or different parts of the brain become stimulated.