Do it yourself burn dressings

Alternative dressings

Dressings can be expensive, especially if you use the same kind as the hospital. There is nothing special about the dressings we use in the hospital, except they cost more.

This guide gives you some ideas of alternative dressings that will cost less, and can be used over and over.

It is important to have a dressing that will completely cover and protect your wound to keep it clean and dry. So you can be creative.

Knit gloves

Any knit glove will do. Use one that is tight enough to hold your other dressings in place. Just cut off the finger tips or buy fingerless gloves to give you more freedom to use your fingers. If you only need finger dressings, cut off the fingers and put them on each finger that needs it.


Pantyhose work great for keeping things in place, plus it is breathable. These would be good to use on arms or legs.

Pantyhose and knit gloves together work great for arm and hand dressings.

Tight shorts and underwear

Tight biking shorts, underwear, or shape wear can help keep groin, buttocks and thigh dressings in place. If they have a high waistband, they can also work for lower belly dressings.

Tank tops, camis, and shapewear

If they are tight, these can help keep belly, back, and some chest dressings in place.

Diabetic socks

Diabetic socks work great to keep dressings in place. They are stretchy and easy to get on.

Silvadene cream and Vaseline can be put on:

  • Cheese cloth (can be bought at grocery stores)
  • Clean cotton fabric (old T-shirts, bed sheets)
  • Non-fragranced maxi pads (to soak up drainage)
Last reviewed: 
July 2018

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