Embryo transfer discharge instructions

After your embryo transfer, you can rest for a few minutes. Do not worry if you have vaginal drainage when you stand up. It is fluid used to wash the cervix. It is not the fluid with the embryo.

You had a:

Fresh embryo transfer

Do not have intercourse or use tampons until after your pregnancy test.

Frozen embryo transfer

You can have intercourse.

You may drive yourself home. You do not have any activity restrictions unless your care team tells you different. Do not use alcohol, smoke, or drink a lot of caffeine until you get your pregnancy test results.

Follow-up after embryo transfer

You have been scheduled for a pregnancy test blood draw.


Do not stop your medicine(s) until we tell you to stop.

Your care team will give you more instruction after your pregnancy test results are known. You may need to take these medicine(s) until 10 weeks gestation.

Do not start new medicine(s) until you talk with your care team. Take a multivitamin or prenatal. Do not take over-the-counter medicine(s), other than Tylenol® (acetaminophen), until you talk with your care team.

Last reviewed: 
April 2021

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