IVF preliminary testing requirements

Blood tests required for in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Blood tests need to be completed by all new couples prior to beginning an IVF cycle. Blood tests may be ordered by your local provider or you can have these done at your scheduled preliminary visit with us. 

Blood tests for IVF that need to be completed within the past year

  • HIV antigen/antibody combo
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen
  • Hepatitis C antibody
  • Syphilis (RPR)

Female childbearing patients must also provide these results

  • Documentation of immunity to rubella
  • Confirmation of varicella immunity
    • Reporting a positive history of "chicken pox" is accepted
  • Blood type
  • Documentation of thyroid testing
    • TSH level with reflux free T4
  • Results from a recent pap smear (within the last two years)

Additional testing may be required per physician discretion.

Before your first IVF appointment

If this testing is not been completed before your appointment, participation in an IVF treatment cycle may be delayed.

You may mail, fax, or bring your results to your first appointment.

Last reviewed: 
February 2018

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