Risks of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty

Complications are very rare

Some of the side effects and complications

  • Sickness from the anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Nerve injury
  • Blood vessel injury
  • Bleeding
  • Shoulder stiffness
  • Failure of repair
  • Your symptoms are not improved as much as you had hoped
  • Stress fracture of the acromion bone where the deltoid starts
  • Blood clots can form in your arms or legs and very rarely travel to your lungs
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (a painful condition of the arm)
  • Dislocation
    • This type of joint replacement can dislocate easier because of the way the cup is below the ball.
  • A need for more surgery in the future due to a problem with the prosthetic (manufactured) parts
Last reviewed: 
October 2018

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