Sexual function resources

Sexual function

Each person has their own definition of what is normal for their sexual function. For many, it involves the interactions between sexual desire, stimulation, and satisfaction. 

Sexual dysfunction

It is any situation in which a person’s sexual desire, stimulation, and satisfaction do not align with what feels normal to them.

Below is a list of resources that can help you decide what normal sexual function is for you. It will also help you decide if medical treatments may help you experience improved sexual function.

Websites and blogs

Planned Parenthood

This site has practical and easily accessible information about many sexual health topics.


This site has straight-forward, easy-to-read blog posts about many aspects of sexual health from an health from an ObGyn doctor.


This site has very scientific, fact-based resources. It is written for health care providers. Everyone can read it though.


  • Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters – And How to Get It by Dr. Laurie Mintz
  • Come As You Are (The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski, PhD
  • Sex Matters for Women, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual Self by Sallie Foley, MSW; Sally A Kope, MSW; and Dennis P. Sugrue, PhD

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November 2021

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