Iowa Marrow Donor Program

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When people are faced with a life-threatening illness requiring a blood stem cell transplant, the last person they expect to help them is a complete stranger, but that's just what donors often are.

The first steps to being someone’s cure

Make the commitment to be a donor and register with the Be The Match Registry.® If you are healthy and between the ages of 18 and 44:

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You can also text UIHC to 61474. Either way, after completing information online, you will be mailed a swab kit with a postage-paid return envelope. Simply swab the inside of your mouth with the cotton tipped swabs, place them inside the postage paid envelop and mail. Your registration will be complete after you return your swab kit.

Be the one to give more birthdays. Be the one to save a life.

Hawkeyes saving lives

UI student meets the dad whose life she saved

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  • For 40 years, the Iowa Marrow Donor Program has led the way helping those in need get the lifesaving transplants they require. And it wouldn’t be possible without the kindness and selflessness of Iowans, especially the young adults on campuses across the state.