Breakthrough procedure allows aneurysm patients to go home the same day

LaDel Hoyle
LaDel had an unruptured cerebral aneurysm—a thin spot on a blood vessel in the brain that bulges and fills with blood. David Hasan, MD suggested using the Pipeline Embolization Device as an effective alternative to open surgery.

Stroke: 2-time survivor now helps others

Emma Fox-Gatica
“When your father and your grandfather have strokes, you become very aware. I knew I had risk factors, but I don’t think you’re ever prepared for a stroke.”--Emma Fox-Gatica

Beth's spine rehabilitation story

Severe back pain is a major problem for many people like Beth. Luckily, the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics were able to help find her a solution to the pain so she no longer had to live her life in fear of the pain.

Thankful to be breathing new life

After being told by multiple hospitals that he was too sick for a lung transplant, Dennis Nack thought all hope was lost. Luckily, the UI Hospitals & Clinics saw something in Dennis. They too the time to work with him to ensure that he was strong enough for his transplant, so that he was ready whenever they got the call.

New liver brings a buoyancy to life

Bill Klahn lives each day like it is his last in order to honor the woman who's liver he received.

Transplants are beautiful – scars and all

After being told to wait until her kidneys failed so she could go into dialysis, Tonia Ellis said no she was going to so whatever she could to get a transplant. That's when she found the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.

Extreme makeover includes new lungs and fixed heart

Martha's lung disorder led doctors to find blockages in her heart. She was able to get a new pair of lungs and fix her heart here at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.

Donor also becomes recipient

It is rare that an organ donor also later becomes an organ recipient, but for Jessica this was her reality. After donating one of her kidneys to her sister who suffered from a rare genetic disorder years before, Jessica herself found herself needing a new kidney because of that exact same disease. Read or watch more of her story here.

Gentler surgery rebuilds Jose’s heart

For Jose Rodriguez, being a candidate for minimally invasive surgery “was a huge relief.” He was able to get back to running his business and taking care of his family faster than he could have imagined.

Marjorie's Story

Our clients say it best about why the University of Iowa Cosmetic Surgery and Services is Iowa's leading center for a wide range of procedures. This is Marjorie's story.