Some good news about COVID-19

If you’re finding it hard to stay positive as the pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, take heart. There are reasons to be hopeful.

Stay safe from COVID-19 this holiday weekend

Jorge Salinas, MD, an infectious disease specialist and head of epidemiology at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, recently shared with news media some important tips for staying safe during the holiday weekend.

5 tips for keeping skin healthy while wearing masks

During the COVID-19 era, face masks have become everyday accessories. This new daily routine helps keep everyone safe, but can sometimes lead to skin problems.

Amana family known for great service impressed by neurosurgeons’ dedication to excellent patient care

The UI Health Care neurosurgery team has treated Carol and her parents with the same kind of high-quality care and service they provided to customers for years.

Answering the call: Angie Dains, infection preventionist, keeps workspace and break room areas safe

Angie Dains, infection preventionist
During Angie Dains’ regular work life, the importance of preventing infection is essential. Now, due to the realities of COVID-19, Dains is one of many health care employees who have found themselves putting in extra hours.

As community cases spike, UI Health Care urges all to double down on COVID-19 safety precautions

While the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations remains stable, University of Iowa Health Care has seen a rapid uptick in the number of people seeking screening via telehealth and visits to the Respiratory Illness Clinic, with more people testing positive for COVID.

Options and honest, caring conversations guide Dennis to successful Peyronie’s disease treatment

Amy Pearlman, MD, talks with Dennis about his treatment options.
UI Health Care’s Men’s Health Program gave Dennis access to a wider range of options for his Peyronie’s treatments than his local urologist could.

Owen got rid of his pain by asking for a second opinion on spine surgery

The orthopedic spine surgery team at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics specializes in the revision surgery Owen needed to return to his active life.

Clinical trials provide hope for patients during COVID-19

Jackie Wangui-Verry, MSN, RN-BC
Jackie Wangui-Verry, MSN, RN-BC, knew she was caring for some of the most vulnerable people during the most vulnerable time in modern history. The assistant director of the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) oversees day-to-day operations and supervises the CRU clinical staff.

When COVID-19 came to our community, Janis Tener and the entire dialysis team leapt into action

Janis Tener, RN, BSN, CDN
While a typical patient may get a physical once a year, dialysis patients must receive treatments three times a week, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Before COVID-19 made its appearance in our local communities, the dialysis team was preparing and thinking ahead for these patients.