Clinical trials provide hope for patients during COVID-19

Jackie Wangui-Verry, MSN, RN-BC
Jackie Wangui-Verry, MSN, RN-BC, knew she was caring for some of the most vulnerable people during the most vulnerable time in modern history. The assistant director of the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) oversees day-to-day operations and supervises the CRU clinical staff.

When COVID-19 came to our community, Janis Tener and the entire dialysis team leapt into action

Janis Tener, RN, BSN, CDN
While a typical patient may get a physical once a year, dialysis patients must receive treatments three times a week, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Before COVID-19 made its appearance in our local communities, the dialysis team was preparing and thinking ahead for these patients.

A labor of love: Main kitchen cook helps her community mask up

Beth Bennett, photo
Beth Bennett never set out to sew and distribute 2,700 masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that she’s passed that mark, she has her sights set on 3,000.

Making a difference: How the information desks are handling new responsibilities

Ashley Smith, photo
Ashley Smith, clerk III lead for the information desk in the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital, talks about the plethora of new responsibilities added to her role and reflects on some of her recent experiences with families.

After hip preservation surgery, Becky hikes to a mountaintop in Brazil

Rebekah Hall, photo
The University of Iowa Young Adult Hip Clinic is the only clinic in Iowa that performs the periacetabular osteotomy Becky needed to return to her active life.

ECMO leads to a happy ending for a pregnant mother with COVID-19

Aquarius Bunch and Sharon Beth Larson, DO
Aquarius Bunch, 27, a pregnant mother who was diagnosed with COVID-19, was discharged from UI Hospitals & Clinics on May 10 after receiving care from our teams.

Pathology team continues to produce COVID-19 test kits for Johnson County

Jon Maakestad, photo
Last March, Jon Maakestad, a safety compliance specialist who runs the reagent lab of the Department of Pathology, received a call with one important question: Could the lab produce the reagent necessary for COVID-19 testing? Fast forward to today, and the reagent lab is churning out 600 to 1000 test kits every day.

Compassion comes from within

Nicholas Klein, RN, had a recent experience with a patient that shows how nursing touches lives and how lives touch nurses. He reminds us all that compassionate care is oftentimes not just what one is obligated to do, but what one is compelled to do.

Racial health disparities highlighted by COVID-19

Black man wearing a mask opens his car door
While everyone is at risk of contracting COVID-19, the CDC says history proves severe illness and death rates tend to be higher for certain groups, especially racial minority populations, during public health emergencies.

Rotator cuff surgery ends Chris’s shoulder pain so he can enjoy being a grandfather

Chris returned to living a full life with help from UI Sports Medicine surgeon Brian Wolf, MD, who specializes in less-invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery.