Mindfulness for Undergraduate Students

This Mindfulness Foundations course is an experiential exploration of the practice of mindfulness in daily living and an introduction to the scientific research with opportunities to apply both to an academic/professional interest area.

Mindfulness Foundations (PSQF:1027)

Just This Moment or the Rest of Your Life

Mindfulness, an innate quality of present-moment, non-judging attention, strengthened through the practice of mindfulness meditation, supports us in engaging skillfully with life. This course provides personal experiences with mindfulness practices, taught in a secular, non-religious way, using your self as a laboratory to investigate their relevance for daily living and working. This process includes the cultivation of inquiry, attention, reflection, awareness of internal emotional, cognitive and physical experiences and attitudes associated with mindfulness.

These attitudes support openness to change, clarity of intention, acceptance and wise, compassionate action. This personal understanding will be applied to the broader concepts, theories, and research on mindfulness related to academic skills, the neuroscience of self-regulation of emotional reactivity; stress resilience; interpersonal skills, health, and well-being. Students will have the opportunity to apply their learning to individual interest areas including education, psychology/counseling, human relations, health care, business, etc.

This course is being offered to University of Iowa undergraduates in collaboration with University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Mindfulness-Based Programs and the College of Education for three hours of academic credit. Register at My UI.