Neurotology Clinic

Our neurotology experts manage diseases and disorders of hearing, balance, and cranial nerves.

Your health care team specializes in the management of:

  • Inner ear hearing loss (profound deafness acquired and congenital, sudden hearing loss, immune mediated hearing loss)
  • Chronic ear disease (chronic infected ears, cholesteatoma)
  • Conductive hearing loss (ossicular discontinuity, otosclerosis, tympanic membrane perforations, congenital anomalies)
  • Balance disorders (Meniere's disease, vertigo)
  • Facial nerve disorders (Bell's palsy, traumatic injury, neuroma)
  • Tumors of the cranial nerves (acoustic neuroma, other nerve tumors)

Our staff uses:

  • Ceiling-mounted microscopes for the most accurate evaluation of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear
  • Nine sound-treated booths that allow audiologists to conduct diagnostic hearing tests, auditory brain stem response testing on children, cochlear implant programming

For patients with chronic hearing loss, the Hearing Aid Center can provide assistive listening devices. Patients who suffer from balance problems can be evaluated in the balance disorder and vestibular rehabilitation areas, using eng, rotary chair and posturography testing.

Care Team

Physician, Neurology

Physician, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery