September 2016 News

3D mammography

3-D mammography is the next big thing in cancer deleting technologies. When it comes to breast cancer screenings visibility means everything and this new technology will be able to help detect the smaller, less visible tumors.

Fifteen Minutes with Melody Webster, MSN, RN

Melody Webster
Nursing is more than just a career. For Melody Webster it is about making the world a better place and helping others who can't help themselves.

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center to host 'Cancer Moonshot' event

Cancer Moonshot
HCC was able to participate in "National Cancer Moonshot" summits which were the first time that representatives of the cancer community were brought together to increase the rate of progress so that we may end cancer all together.

Fifteen Minutes with Katie Knox, MSN, RN

As with many nurses, Katie Knox, MSN, RN, has many talents and wears a variety of professional hats in the Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care. Katie earned her BSN from the UI College of Nursing in 2006 and her MSN, also from the UI, just last May.

Fifteen Minutes with Clark Willoughby, BSN, RN, PCCN

Willoughby Clark
Being named to the 2011 list of “100 Great Iowa Nurses” is a testament to Clark Willoughby’s dedication to his patients and his colleagues. The fact that Clark entered the nursing profession after age 50—a time when many people are settling into their careers or planning for retirement—speaks volumes about determination and character.

Fifteen Minutes with Haley Fernandez, BSN, RN

Haley Fernandez
Learn a little bit about how Haley decided that the University of Iowa's Hospitals & Clinics was the right place for her to begin her career.

Potential infection risk in major heart and lung surgeries

Did you receive a letter from University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics about a possible exposure to bacterium during surgery? If so, it is important that you call us toll-free at 800-777-8442 to let us know that you have received a letter. We will answer your questions and, if needed, arrange an appointment with one of our providers. You will not be charged for the appointment.

Major cycling event relies on UI Sports Medicine for care

UI Sports Medicine is the official medical provider of Jingle Cross, a high intensity cycling event. An race like such as this is very challenging and the potential to get injured is high but UI sports medicine will be there to assist in the event of an accident.

Melanoma survivor: clinical trials have "given me life"

Claire Barnhouse was apprehensive at first about starting a clinical trial for her stage 3 melanoma but now she says it has given her a second chance at life and she wouldn't change a thing.

ECMO provides life-saving support for patients with critical illnesses

Mike Durant
"I'd get up from my chair and couldn't move, I was so exhausted," says the 44-year-old who lives near the northwest Iowa town of Whittemore. "I knew I had to do something."