January 2017 News

Support from friends, family, doctors help sarcoma survivor

John Raffensperger tells his story after diagnosis of angiosarcoma of the scalp. John received care from the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Winning with a team approach

Geri Walker
Geri Walker spent most of her career in the chaos of a school lunchroom, using her hands to prepare trays and count money. Her routine became disrupted one winter day in December 2014, when she struggled to move the fingers of her right hand.

In good hands

Linda Ayers
Surgery restores the tools of the trade for Muscatine artist Humans aren’t the only mammals with opposable thumbs – monkeys and chimpanzees have them, too – but we are the only ones with the ability to move all of our fingers to our thumb, making it easier to hold smaller objects and carve out the...

Moving forward

Surgery for pancreatitis, massive hernia steers Cedar Rapids man down a healthy path For Daniel Speidel, it was no ordinary stomach ache. “I’ll never forget the date: Dec. 2, 2015,” he says. “We had tickets to see the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Big Ten football championship in Indianapolis that weekend,...

‘A blessing to know’

Jill Asprey
Jill Asprey knows the importance of timing and tough decisions. She credits both with helping doctors find an ovarian tumor early and getting her on the path to further reducing her risk of cancer.

Keeping up

Tara Meyer
Tara Meyer had begun to notice a change in her physical fitness. Her energy seemed low, and simple tasks like climbing stairs and doing laundry left her out of breath. Thankfully she wound up at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics' Pulmonary Hypertension Center.