January 2018 News

Infertility staff provided stability and celebrated successes

After nine years of marriage and attempted adoption, Martina and her husband were referred to University of Iowa Health Care for infertility treatments, where their wish for children was finally fulfilled.

TAVR added years to my heart and my life

Myron Kinzler wasn't about to get too worked up about his health. A typical day, Myron says, involves playing cards every morning and going to the coffee shop every afternoon. He didn’t do much walking, so he wasn’t surprised when he ran out of breath.

Significantly reducing future risk through cardiovascular rehabilitation

Larry Audlehelm was a teenager when doctors first discovered he had a heart murmur. The condition never gave him any problems or caused any pain, he says, but he always knew it was there and was sure to keep a watchful eye. So when he started to run out of breath simply walking across the room, he knew something was wrong.

Check in with ease

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Introducing eCheck-in on MyChart. Any time before a scheduled appointment, use eCheck-in to answer important questions about your health history.

Know the facts on carbon monoxide

In a typical year, nearly 400 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning, usually in their own home or car. Know how to prevent CO poisoning in your home.

Connecting the dots—helping cancer patients to quit smoking

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Researchers at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center receive NCI grant to improve smoking cessation interventions.