August 2020 News

Compassion comes from within

Nicholas Klein, RN, had a recent experience with a patient that shows how nursing touches lives and how lives touch nurses. He reminds us all that compassionate care is oftentimes not just what one is obligated to do, but what one is compelled to do.

Racial health disparities highlighted by COVID-19

Black man wearing a mask opens his car door
While everyone is at risk of contracting COVID-19, the CDC says history proves severe illness and death rates tend to be higher for certain groups, especially racial minority populations, during public health emergencies.

Rotator cuff surgery ends Chris’s shoulder pain so he can enjoy being a grandfather

Chris returned to living a full life with help from UI Sports Medicine surgeon Brian Wolf, MD, who specializes in less-invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

UI to participate in clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine

Researcher works on the COVID-19 vaccine trial in a lab
University of Iowa is participating in a large-scale, international clinical trial to study the safety, tolerability, immunogenicity, and efficacy of vaccines against COVID-19.

Caring for all: Inside UI Health Care’s efforts to reach Spanish-speaking populations

Eleanor Lisa Lavadie-Gomez, MD standing outside
Despite comprising only 6% of Iowa’s population, the Latinx community makes up nearly 30% of COVID-19 cases in the state. While there are many barriers to health care for the Latinx population, UI Health Care is making strides to ensure this population receives care.