June 2021 News

Artificial urinary sphincter gives Charles instant relief from incontinence caused by prostate treatment

Charles Snowbarger photo
Our deep expertise in the latest urology treatments helps patients get back to a normal, pain-free life.

After getting COVID-19 and facing 25% chance of surviving, 17-year-old Iowa City student to graduate

Issac Cortez photo
Issac Cortez had a 25% chance of surviving COVID-19. Now, he's ready to graduate high school.

Finding career fulfillment as an MA

Kristen Julson, Angie Groff, and Holli Fields
Kristen Julson was a junior in high school. Holli Fields was looking through programs at Kirkwood with a friend. And Angie Groff was on the waiting list for the nursing program. Read their stories.

Guided by certified nurse-midwives, Tracy and Erin start a family with confidence

Through two pregnancies, they found the midwifery care they needed close to home at the UI Health Care Midwifery Clinic in Washington.