5 tips for keeping skin healthy while wearing masks

During the COVID-19 era, face masks have become everyday accessories. We wash and sanitize our hands at every opportunity.

These new daily routines help keep ourselves and others safe. Unfortunately, these precautions can sometimes lead to skin problems.

Jennifer G. Powers, MD, FAAD, has seen an increased number of patients in dermatology. Patients present with skin irritants, acne, hand dermatitis, and abrasions. Powers offers five simple solutions for keeping your skin happy and healthy.

1. Use a gentle cleanser

Masks can entrap moisture around your mouth, causing acne breakouts. Add a gentle facial cleanser to your night and morning routine to combat the build-up of moisture.

2. Find a mask that works for your skin

Everyone will react differently to fabrics. When you’re out in the community, choose a material that works best for you.

3. Wash cloth masks frequently

Cloth masks are great for people with sensitive skin, but they need proper care. Without frequent cleansing, the mask could entrap dirt and sweat. This leads to skin irritation.

4. Arm yourself with good moisturizers

If your mask is causing dry skin on your face, moisturize before and after wearing it. Look for a moisturizer with ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and dimethicone. These ingredients make a moisturizer most effective. For dry lips, use petroleum jelly before and after wearing a mask.

5. Have hand moisturizers at the ready

Washing hands frequently is critical to stop the spread of germs. Unfortunately, it can also cause hand dermatitis. The strongest moisturizers are thick, not runny. Powerful products like zinc oxide are available over the counter. This is best applied before bed.

People shouldn’t hesitate to call us for more help. We have a lot of therapies that we can administer if you need dermatology-specific help.