How to shop safely this season

Laptop with a small shopping cart and gifts near it

The holiday season is here, which for many means time to get in on great deals and the latest toys, tech gadgets, and gifts for loved ones. But this year it’s important to reconsider how and where you shop to keep you and and your loved ones healthy.

Shop safely and still score great deals:

Online shopping

Skip the hassle of the stores all together and shop online. Many online retail outlets are already offering deals for this holiday season so you might not need to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get a bargain.

Local curbside pickup or delivery

Want to support local businesses? Call ahead or check out their website to see if they offer curbside pickup or delivery.

Shopping in person? Follow these safety precautions

Avoiding indoor, crowded spaces is advised. However, for those of you who still can’t resist, shop quickly while following the safety precautions.

Wear a mask

Wearing a face mask is one of the most important (and easiest) steps you can take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. And, as the weather gets colder, it has the added benefit of keeping your face warm.

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

Wash or sanitize your hands before and after you shop. Also sanitize the surfaces you touch while out and about (steering wheel, doorknobs, cell phone, etc.). Carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you so that you always have it available.

Watch your distance–avoid crowded shopping times

When you look up a store online, if often shows at which times it’s the busiest. If you must go in-person, go during low traffic hours; you’ll likely get better service as well. If you can’t find non-busy times, stores are generally the quietest right after they open.

Be purposeful when shopping

It is best to know what you intend to look at prior to going. Avoid browsing as it increases your time in the store, your exposure to others, and your overall risk.