Next Best Thing (to Man’s Best Friend)

With UIeCare, a medical provider is just a click away

Sometimes you need a health care professional but don’t have the time or the need for a visit to the doctor’s office or emergency room.

For allergies, rashes, sinus symptoms, and other minor medical problems, UIeCare connects you to a UI Health Care provider through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With this virtual care service, you can have an online video chat with a doctor or nurse practitioner anytime from anywhere in Iowa – at work, at home, or even on the road.

Just ask Jessica Reece from Dallas, Texas.

This past August, Jessica and her husband, Robert, plus three of the family’s four kids and one very large dog were traveling along Interstate 35 in central Iowa, heading for Minnesota.

“My husband, Robert, is allergic to dogs,” she explains. “It doesn’t usually cause him issues, but after hours in the car, he was feeling miserable. Worst of all, he’d used up his inhalers.”

From the car, Jessica did an online search for urgent-care providers in the Des Moines area. That’s when she discovered the convenience of UIeCare. After stopping briefly to switch seats, Jessica continued driving while Robert connected with a UIeCare provider. In no time, he’d filled out a brief questionnaire describing his symptoms, had a video consultation, and received a prescription for a new inhaler.

“The most time that we lost was while we were at a local pharmacy getting the prescription filled, and even that didn’t take long,” Jessica says. “Compared to stopping at a walk-in clinic or ER, it was a huge timesaver. The whole process took less than 30 minutes.”

Given the circumstances – a cramped car, a big dog, and a suffering spouse – it was “absolutely the best, most convenient thing that happened to us on the entire drive,” Jessica says.

When there’s medical urgency, but it’s not an emergency, visit