Flexible Nursing Schedules

A Great Fit: Balancing Work and Life

Having a work-life balance is part of our overall nursing philosophy at UI Hospitals & Clinics. We make good on that aim by putting scheduling into the hands of our nurses themselves.

Our inpatient units offer a self-scheduling option, where staff have the ability to build their schedules six weeks in advance. That offers possibilities for scheduling long weekends or extended days off without using vacation time. New employees especially appreciate this practice, since they are just beginning to bank vacation time.

Our nurse managers are committed to working with you to find a schedule that fits your unique needs.

The Iowa Difference: Flexible Schedules

Examples of flexible scheduling options for UI Health Care nurses.

  • Working two 12-hour shifts each weekend and getting paid at a 90 percent rate
  • Self-scheduling your shifts so you can group days together and have longer periods off
  • Working on an hourly basis to pick up available times that meet your schedule
  • Selecting a part-time position that’s 20 or 24 hours per week