A Patient Guide to the University's Virtual Hospital® Service

Expert care close to home

You and your family can now receive University of Iowa specialty care during your stay at your local hospital.

Through a new program, UI experts are working alongside your local hospital’s doctors and nurses to provide added specialty care, right in your community.

About the service

It’s a Virtual Hospital®, because the UI Hospitals and Clinics experts are in Iowa City and connected by a computerized video link to staff and patients in your local hospital.

A hospitalist is a specialist who provides around-the-clock care for hospitalized patients with serious conditions.

Benefits to your care

You and your family benefit from the Virtual Hospitalist Service in many ways.

  • More patients can be cared for at your local hospital without being transferred to UI Hospitals and Clinics. Family members can focus on their loved one’s care and recovery.
  • Your local care team may still transfer a patient to UI Hospitals and Clinics if the patient’s condition merits it. Because you are already being cared for by a UI hospitalist, you have someone at UI Hospitals and Clinics completely familiar with your condition. That makes a transfer to Iowa City a smooth one.
  • Your medical information is on the same system used by UI Hospitals and Clinics. The hospitalist can coordinate your case and have it reviewed instantly by other UI experts if needed.

Why a hospitalist?

UI Hospitals and Clinics has used hospitalists for more than 20 years. Hospitalist care has cut down the time patients stay in the hospital, reduced treatment costs, and improved overall patient care.

Patients feel like they have a quarterback calling the plays for their care. The hospitalist knows a patient’s complete case and can coordinate the care by other doctors and therapists.