Patient Stories for Midwifery Clinic

Midwives kept Emily’s natural birth plan safe and on track, despite complications

UI Health Care’s team-based approach to maternal health care gives midwifery patients immediate access to specialty OB-GYN care when they need it.

Kasha found the VBAC care she wanted at the UI Hospitals & Clinics Midwifery Clinic

Kasha Walpole and her family sitting outside
After a nationwide search, Kasha chose the UI Hospitals & Clinics Midwifery Clinic for VBAC following two previous cesareans.

Lindsey and Joanne’s midwifery story

Lindsey and her partner, Joanne, chose the midwives at UI Health Care because they wanted a normal, natural birth experience within the hospital-setting.

Brynne's midwifery story

Brynne Schweigel's first appointment with the UI Health Care Midwifery Clinic lead to a life-saving diagnosis.

Cassidy's midwifery story

Cassidy Reinken chose to work with a midwife at UI Health Care for her second pregnancy. The excellent care she received lead her to come back for her third birth, due July 2017.

Katie's midwifery story

Katie Leifker discovered that the UI Health Care midwifery clinic provided all of the options she was looking for in a birth experience.

Megan's midwifery story

Megan Rife knew that a midwife was right for her before she was pregnant. The certified nurse midwives at UI Health Care delivered both of her children, so she never felt like just another patient.