Patient Stories for Electrophysiology (EP)

Portable ECG monitor lets David stay active while being treated for a-fib

David Link with his bike
Working with his UI Health Care cardiac electrophysiologist, David uses a wireless ECG monitor to simplify his a-fib care and stay on top of his heart health.

Getting back on track thanks to a pacemaker

Jerry Turner
At the time, it wasn't his heart that was causing some problems. More specifically, Jerry developed a sudden onset of complete heart block - when the heart's own electricity stops moving through the ventricles, according to Lenni O'Neill Broeg, BSN, RN, an electrophysiology nurse in the University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center. A week later, after his heart started showing signs of strengthening, a cardiac resynchronization pacemaker – or CRT-P – was implanted.

Math professor counts on UI for innovative cardiac procedure

Roseanne Wolf and Dr. Michael Giudici
“Every time I come in for a follow-up with Dr. Giudici, he’s telling me to go run more races,” Roseanne says. “There are no restrictions to what I can do now whatsoever.”