Patient Stories for Sports Medicine Clinic

With personalized sports medicine care during pregnancy, Carly stays active safely—even while recovering from a foot injury

Patient Carly Paul by a lake
UI Sports Medicine specializes in helping endurance athletes recover from injury and optimize their training.

After trying a new nonsurgical knee treatment, Kellie can keep up with her grandkids again

Kellie Lincoln goes kayaking
To avoid surgery, Kellie chose a new treatment that used her own fat cells to heal her knee and get her moving again.

With UI Sports Medicine at his side, Alec recovers from a bad hip injury and wins a state football title

UI Sports Medicine professionals provided Alec’s on-field care, repaired his hip, and guided the physical therapy that helped him recover.

To add zip to his fastball, Egan relied on the expert advice of his sports dietitian

Egan Smith throws a pitch during a baseball game
Our sports nutrition program promotes healthy weight gain as a tool for better athletic performance.

Rotator cuff surgery ends Chris’s shoulder pain so he can enjoy being a grandfather

Chris returned to living a full life with help from UI Sports Medicine surgeon Brian Wolf, MD, who specializes in less-invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

New type of ACL surgery helps Sage earn a spot on one of the nation’s top college wrestling teams

UI Sports Medicine uses the innovative quadricep tendon graft procedure for ACL repair to get athletes back to action sooner.

Foot surgery prepares Jacob to continue family college football tradition

A broken bone in Jacob’s foot threatened to end his football career, but UI Sports Medicine’s surgical and rehab expertise got him back on the field quickly.

Jonathan’s meniscus transplant story

Whether he’s on a bike ride or just walking to class at Southeastern Community College each day, Jonathan Gavin appreciates the precious gift that allows him to do those things pain-free.

Giving Kiersten hip care to keep an active life

Kiersten Latham cheering
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UI Stead Family Children's Hospital
“I told Dr. Willey I had a goal to get back to dance, do track, and play softball. He was great to me. He told me if I followed his orders, I would get back and do those.”

Minimally invasive procedure provides relief from plantar fasciitis pain

Deanna Brennan
“It was created to mimic open surgery but with less risk and less recovery time. While the procedure was initially developed for tennis elbow, we now use it for many common tendon issues, including golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles heel issues.”--Mederic Hall, MD