Cassidy's midwifery story

Midwife provides pregnancy experience patient 'had always envisioned'

I became involved with University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics during the second trimester of my second pregnancy. At that time, I was a patient at another OB-GYN practice and was not happy with my care, so I started researching other prenatal care options. I knew I wanted a lot of autonomy and to have a natural birth. When I shared these wishes with some friends, they suggested the midwives at UI Hospitals & Clinics. After my consultation appointment, I knew the midwives offered the kind of care I was looking for.

I rotated between all the midwives for the remainder of my prenatal care, but Lynne Himmelreich was the midwife who ultimately delivered our baby girl.

On the day that I gave birth, we were welcomed at the hospital by a team of nurses and Lynne. Once Lynne confirmed that I was in active labor, she showed us to the birthing room where we settled in. We had one nurse for the whole delivery–she was kind, an excellent listener, and had a calming presence about her.

Throughout my labor the staff honored my birthday plan and wishes to the best of their ability. I felt empowered, never felt pressured to make a decision and always felt my opinion mattered. The staff took the time to answer my questions and meet my needs. Since I had elected not to have an epidural, I was permitted to labor in the position that felt the best for my body. I had the freedom to wear what I wanted, move throughout the birthing suite as needed, was provided tools and advice to support labor such as a birthing ball and positioning techniques, and had a birthing photographer present throughout my birthing experience.

My husband and I had an excellent experience at UI Hospitals & Clinics. I felt as though midwives, nurses, and staff were on my team and let me lead.

We look forward to partnering with the midwives at UI Hospitals & Clinics for our third birth (estimated July 2017).

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Mount Vernon, Iowa