Fast cardiology scheduling leads to quick diagnosis and treatment

Curt Roesler

When 71-year-old Curt Roesler of Iowa City needed care, his daughter encouraged him to call his cardiologist to make an appointment. They told him he’d have to wait three months.

Curt didn’t want to wait that long. He wasn’t sure he could. So he and his daughter, Cari Zeimet of Fairfax, called the University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center and Curt was able to get in the next day.

“We were able to get right in to see a cardiologist and have an echocardiogram,” Curt says. 

The scan showed he needed a mitral valve and tricuspid valve repair. A surgery was scheduled within weeks, and Curt was given medications to help alleviate some of his symptoms.

Curt credits the Heart and Vascular Center’s promise to get new patients in to see a cardiologist within 48 hours.

“I was very happy, I thought the waiting list would be months long. But they got me in the next day,” Curt says. “If you have something wrong, if you’re noticing shortness of breath or anything like that, call UI Heart and Vascular Center, because they’ll be able to get you in fast.”

Cari says she, too, is grateful.

“Dad was able to see a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon in less time than he would have been able to be seen elsewhere.”

Iowa City, Iowa