From first IVF visit to baby in one year

Lindsey and Ben Ebert
The Eberts

‘UI Health Care helped us achieve our dream of becoming parents in just one short, wonderful year’

“My husband and I experienced three miscarriages and multiple failed medicated cycles while trying to start a family. After more than five years with no success, we decided to change clinics. We chose University of Iowa Health Care’s Center for Advanced Reproductive Care, due to great recommendations.”

“In February 2016, we met with Bradley Van Voorhis, MD, to discuss our options. Dr. Van Voorhis said we were good candidates for in vitro fertilization, so we decided to start the IVF process.”

“We had our first IVF consultation on March 7, 2016. Every single doctor, nurse, technician, financial counselor, and others we encountered treated us with respect and compassion. Everybody made us feel hopeful and optimistic about our future family, while being completely honest and upfront about our journey. There were no secrets or surprises. We understood how each step of the process would play out.”

“The UI Center for Advanced Reproductive Care was absolutely amazing to us throughout our IVF journey. We had a wonderful experience, from egg retrieval through embryo transfer.”

“Ten days after our embryo transfer, we received good news–I was pregnant! A few weeks later, we returned to the clinic for our first ultrasound. As I lay there watching my baby’s heartbeat on screen for the first time, I started crying tears of joy. Our sonographer held my hand and told me that I deserved to feel this joy and shared how happy she was for us.”

“We chose to continue our obstetric appointments at UI Health Care. I began moving through the stages of my pregnancy under the care of Sarina Martini, MD. Dr. Martini and her nurses were just as amazing as the IVF staff. I received compassion, respect, and informed care throughout my pregnancy.”

“Exactly one year after our IVF consultation, on March 7, 2017, my water broke. On March 8, 2017, I delivered our absolutely perfect baby girl, Emersyn. After all of our struggles, UI Health Care helped us achieve our dream of becoming parents in just one short, wonderful year. We are forever grateful for the great care we received and will always return to UI Health Care for our future health care needs.”

–Lindsey Ebert

Ottumwa, Iowa