Infertility staff provided stability and celebrated successes

After nine years of marriage and attempted adoption, Martina and her husband were referred to University of Iowa Health Care for infertility treatments, where their wish for children was finally fulfilled.   

“The Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at University of Iowa Health Care became our family for several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s as we went through numerous IVF cycles, implantations, and miscarriages.”

“Each visit was nerve-wracking, but every single member of the staff that we encountered made us feel welcome and less nervous.” 

“We had the great fortune of seeing the same nurse, Michelle Maifeld, at almost every visit. She was by our side during implantation and our pregnancy tests. Michelle even popped in while we were waiting for egg retrieval. We are still in contact with Michelle,our sons’ honorary aunt.”

“All except one of our doctor visits were with Brad Van Voorhis, MD. He answered our questions and explained in great detail what would happen throughout our journey. When we were lucky enough to have our two sons, Brad wrote a personalized message of congratulations for each birth.”

“Going through infertility treatments is very, very difficult, but the staff at UI Health Care was so understanding and empathetic to our situation. We cannot say enough about the staff. They are working with patients who have been on numerous emotional and financial roller coasters while trying to add to their family.”

“Through each of our highs and many lows, the staff provided stability, allowed us to grieve the failures and look to the future whenever we were ready, and celebrated our successes.”

Martina and Norman Ovens

Ada, Michigan