For kidney treatment, Linda 'got the best'

Kidney problems led Linda Price to seek the best urology treatment she could get. She found it at University of Iowa Health Care.

After her pain wouldn’t go away, Linda, of Traer, Iowa, was sent by her local provider to University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. There she met urologist Chad Tracy, MD, director of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotics, and Kidney Stone Treatment in the UI Department of Urology.

Over several years of treatment, including a nephrostomy, insertion and removal of stents, and removal of kidney stones, Tracy delivered the care Linda needed.

“I got the best, because he’s a professor” Linda says.

‘His nurses, his whole team, were wonderful. They treat you like you’re the only patient.’

Linda says Tracy’s bedside manner is as top-notch as his medical expertise.

“Whatever he did, he’d say, ‘Linda, this is what I’m doing,’” she says. “When he took the stent out, he even showed it to me, and he showed me the calcium that was stuck in there. He made it so that I was never, ever afraid.”

These days, Linda only needs to see Tracy once a year, but she does her best to keep him busy by recommending him to family and friends.

“He’s an awesome, awesome doctor,” Linda says. “I have sent people there. I say, ‘You want a good urologist? You go to Dr. Tracy.’”