Lindsey and Joanne’s midwifery story

Lindsey Clark and her partner Joanne Abbas always knew they wanted to have children, and they knew that they both wanted to carry.

“As far as our birth experience, we wanted to have something as normal as possible but still within the hospital setting,” Lindsey said. “We were allowed to do what came naturally and experience it together.”

After serving as the support person during Lindsey’s pregnancy, Joanne thought the midwives would be a good fit for her, too.

“Lindsey had a great birth experience, so there was no question that we went back to the midwives once I got pregnant,” Joanne said. “Whenever I think of the midwives, I think of them bringing a sense of calm to the situation.”

“As a support person, it was a very different role,” Lindsey said. “She wanted things differently during her labor than I did, so we just needed to find that balance.”

“With [our daughter] coming five weeks early, I could still have a natural birth and we had the medical help for her right away,” Joanne said. “It was the perfect setting for us.”