Patty chose HIPEC treatment for her recurring cancer

Two years after undergoing surgery for colon cancer, Patty Brockett developed a large tumor in her right ovary. Leery of having cancer return a third time, Patty chose University of Iowa Health Care for HIPEC, a special treatment for recurring cancer in the abdominal area.

“It’s been more than a year since the procedure was done,” says Patty, of Shellsburg, Iowa. “My most recent CT scan and blood work shows no sign of cancer. I have been very pleased with the results.”

Choosing the expertise of an academic medical center

When the tumor in her ovary appeared, Patty’s community hospital sent her to University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics for surgery to have it removed. Following that treatment, she had the option of returning to her community hospital for care, but she chose to stick with UI Health Care.

“I was pleased with the care I was receiving,” she says. “I knew it was a research hospital, and I wanted to know what else was available to help prevent a reoccurrence in the future.”

She spoke with UI surgical oncologist Carlos Chan, MD, PhD, who told her about cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy). Chan specializes in the procedures, which are used together to remove tumors and apply chemotherapy directly inside the abdominal cavity to kill cancer cells that are not visible.

“Although it was a bit scary undergoing yet another extensive surgery just six weeks after my previous surgery, I felt confident in my decision due to the information that Dr. Chan provided,” Patty says. “He took time with me to explain the procedure. He was very thorough in answering my questions, and I didn’t feel rushed.”

‘Every day was a good day’

Patty was pleased to find that she felt better after the HIPEC procedure than she did after the previous surgery.

“Every day was a good day,” she says. “I felt good enough to start chemo just five weeks after the surgery done by Dr. Chan, and I went back to working full-time another week after that.  Friends and family have been amazed at how well I’ve done with all I went through last year.”