Patient Stories

2016 Transplant Games Athlete — Ginger Huston

Ginger Huston is a kidney donor from Danville, Iowa. She joined athletes from across the nation demonstrating their skills and talents in track and field, darts, and cornhole.

2016 Transplant Games Athlete — John Burge

From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, John Burge is a University of Iowa Organ Transplant Center kidney recipient. John competed in the 20k and 5k cycling races and enjoyed the friendly competition in the cornhole event.

2016 Transplant Games Athlete — Eric Burge

When Eric started having health issues, his lifelong friend, Mary Beth Murray, had a special connection with organ donation and was willing to help. This year, Eric and Mary Beth participated in the 2016 Transplant Games, held June 10-15 in Cleveland, Ohio. They look at the games as a celebration of life and an opportunity to be together with family and friends.

2016 Transplant Games Athlete — Kim Burdakin

Today, Kim spends her time actively promoting organ donation. She volunteers for the Iowa Donor Network, holds fundraisers, visits schools and community groups to speak on the topic of organ donation, and encourages people to register on their driver's licenses to become organ donors. Kim wants people to know that organ donation is a positive experience.

Rising from tragedy

Late one winter Sunday morning, Bruce Brockway and his 10-year-old son Garrett began cleaning up trees and brush that littered the woodsy backyard of their Burlington home. They planned on a few hours of work thanks to a windstorm from a couple of days earlier. But in one unthinkable moment, the Brockway family’s life changed forever.

Jessica’s transplant: a story of giving and receiving

Testing for Maile and Jessica showed that the disease ravaging their kidneys was a rare genetic blood disorder known as aHUS (atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome). Only about 300 cases occur in the United States, and it’s usually seen in children. Because it’s a genetic disease, even such a rare condition as aHUS could strike twice in the same family.

Bariatric surgery success story – Tracy Schaufenbuel

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Bariatric surgery success story – Donna Foster Paulsen

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Bariatric surgery success story - Dawn Walker

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Bariatric surgery success story - Brenda Martzke

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