Patient Stories

Craig’s journey to parenthood started at UI Health Care

Craig's desire was to become a parent. After talking to a few fertility clinics around Iowa, but he was ultimately referred to University of Iowa Health Care to work with their gestational carrier program.

Caring approach, proven results

Ferman Milster participates in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at UI Health Care
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program helps patients improve airway disease symptoms, quality of life Ferman Milster is a believer in the idea that “if something works, stick with it.” For Ferman, “sticking with it” means at least three visits each week to the University of Iowa Health Care Pulmonary...

Running races with ease

April Gross running
April Gross has a new goal: Run a 5K race in under 30 minutes. Prior to her lung transplant, April's lungs were so damaged by cystic fibrosis that crawling into bed left her winded, and her goal was simply to live.

A dandy story

Two Iowans share more than a lifetime of memories, they share a kidney named "Dandy." Learn more about their incredible story today.

Getting back on track thanks to a pacemaker

Jerry Turner
My future looks a lot brighter than it did a year ago and my pacemaker is the main reason He didn’t realize it then, but looking back Jerry Turner says the first time he felt something “off” with his heart was when he and his wife, Kathy, were on vacation in 2016. “We had gone to Yellowstone...

Preeclampsia forced Kelli to fight for her life

During her third trimester, Kelli Carlson was not feeling well. Her physician told her that her symptoms were a normal part of pregnancy, but it turned out they were actually signs of preeclampsia–a high blood pressure disorder in pregnancy.

From first IVF visit to baby in one year

Lindsey and Ben Ebert
‘UI Health Care helped us achieve our dream of becoming parents in just one short, wonderful year’ “My husband and I experienced three miscarriages and multiple failed medicated cycles while trying to start a family. After more than five years with no success, we decided to change clinics. We chose...

Cardiac surgery saves a life

Jay K. Bhama, MD examines his patient, Joe Finkstein
Joe Finkstein was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm, also known as an enlarged aorta. His diagnosis lead him to seek out a UI Heart and Vascular surgeon that saved his life.

Infertility staff provided stability and celebrated successes

After nine years of marriage and attempted adoption, Martina and her husband were referred to University of Iowa Health Care for infertility treatments, where their wish for children was finally fulfilled. “The Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at University of Iowa Health Care...

TAVR added years to my heart and my life

Myron Kinzler wasn’t about to get too worked up about his health. A retired farmer, the Williamsburg man says he thought running out of breath while walking across a field was just a sign of aging. “It didn’t worry me a lot, I’m 83 years old, it happens,” he says. “I just figured I was getting old...