Patient Stories

Cardiac surgery saves a life

Jay K. Bhama, MD examines his patient, Joe Finkstein
Joe Finkstein was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm, also known as an enlarged aorta. His diagnosis lead him to seek out a UI Heart and Vascular surgeon that saved his life.

Infertility staff provided stability and celebrated successes

After nine years of marriage and attempted adoption, Martina and her husband were referred to University of Iowa Health Care for infertility treatments, where their wish for children was finally fulfilled. “The Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at University of Iowa Health Care...

TAVR added years to my heart and my life

Myron Kinzler wasn’t about to get too worked up about his health. A retired farmer, the Williamsburg man says he thought running out of breath while walking across a field was just a sign of aging. “It didn’t worry me a lot, I’m 83 years old, it happens,” he says. “I just figured I was getting old...

Significantly reducing future risk through cardiovascular rehabilitation

Larry Audlehelm was a teenager when doctors first discovered he had a heart murmur. The condition never gave him any problems or caused any pain, he says, but he always knew it was there and was sure to keep a watchful eye. So when he started to run out of breath simply walking across the room, he knew something was wrong.

For kidney treatment, Linda 'got the best'

After her pain wouldn’t go away, Linda, of Traer, Iowa, was sent by her local provider to University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. There she met urologist Chad Tracy, MD, director of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Robotics, and Kidney Stone Treatment in the UI Department of Urology.

Five years ago the University of Iowa Hospitals saved a father from stage 4 brain cancer

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A tweet from Morgan Lee, 18 from the Quad Cities, recently went viral after she thanked the University of Iowa Hospitals for saving her father's life on the five year anniversary of pronouncing him cancer-free.

Bariatric surgery helps Melissa look and feel her best

As a hairdresser, Melissa Laschanzky’s job is to help other people look and feel their best. In May 2015, she decided it was her turn. For most of her adult life, Melissa, 33, had struggled with obesity. She’d try crash diets and exercise, and these efforts worked—but only for a while. “I just...

For breast cancer care, Barb chose the team approach

Barb Miller didn’t think her breast cancer diagnosis was routine or ordinary, so she didn’t want her care to be routine or ordinary, either. She wanted a coordinated care team with access to a full range of the best and latest treatment options available. After being diagnosed at her community...

‘Only chance to conceive’

“After trying to become pregnant, my husband and I were referred to UI Health Care. I was hesitant at first as I was not keen on medical and pharmaceutical intervention to become pregnant. After meeting with Bradley Van Voorhis, MD , and many others from the infertility care team, we decided to...

Collaborative care during high-risk pregnancy

Angie Poulsen and her family
I delivered my first baby at another hospital and due to delivery difficulties; I knew if I got pregnant again, I wanted to transfer my care to University of Iowa Health Care. I had heard many great things about Kelly Ward, MD , so when I found out I was pregnant I scheduled an appointment with her...