Patient Stories

For breast cancer care, Barb chose the team approach

Barb Miller didn’t think her breast cancer diagnosis was routine or ordinary, so she didn’t want her care to be routine or ordinary, either. She wanted a coordinated care team with access to a full range of the best and latest treatment options available. After being diagnosed at her community...

‘Only chance to conceive’

“After trying to become pregnant, my husband and I were referred to UI Health Care. I was hesitant at first as I was not keen on medical and pharmaceutical intervention to become pregnant. After meeting with Bradley Van Voorhis, MD , and many others from the infertility care team, we decided to...

Collaborative care during high-risk pregnancy

Angie Poulsen and her family
I delivered my first baby at another hospital and due to delivery difficulties; I knew if I got pregnant again, I wanted to transfer my care to University of Iowa Health Care. I had heard many great things about Kelly Ward, MD , so when I found out I was pregnant I scheduled an appointment with her...

UI Health Care combines 'one-on-one connection' and 'skill'

Rachel Asbury's pregnancy care and the pediatric follow-up at UI Health Care was just what she was looking for.

Dr. Albright gets results for patients

Read about Dr. Albright's patients and their experience at University of Iowa Health Care.

Breast reduction surgery changed Angela's life

I have struggled with my breast size from the time I began puberty.

Patty chose HIPEC treatment for her recurring cancer

Two years after undergoing surgery for colon cancer, Patty Brockett developed a large tumor in her right ovary. Leery of having cancer return a third time, Patty chose University of Iowa Health Care for HIPEC, a special treatment for recurring cancer in the abdominal area.

Washington man is back to normal after HIPEC treatment

When treatment for a tumor in his appendix required major surgery and a special type of chemotherapy treatment known as HIPEC, Dick Gallagher got the expert care he needed from University of Iowa Health Care.

Lindsey and Joanne’s midwifery story

Lindsey and her partner, Joanne, chose the midwives at UI Health Care because they wanted a normal, natural birth experience within the hospital-setting.

Vascular surgery saves woman with rare, life-threatening condition

Tania Justus and her family
Tania Justus had an uncommon condition called May-Thurner syndrome. "What is extremely rare is the fact that Tacia sustained a ruptured iliac vein. What was really critical was that we had the technology and expertise to make that diagnosis in a timely fashion."--Neelima Katragunta, MD