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The Choice Is Yours

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We would be pleased to evaluate you for organ transplant. Many of our patients are referred to us by their local primary care physician or other specialist. We also evaluate patients who are seeking a second opinion or who would prefer their care come from a leader like the University of Iowa Organ Transplant Center.

Another option that transplant candidates entertain is being listed on a wait list at more than one transplant center. Our patients' comparatively short wait times make us an attractive choice for individuals.

Because you are the center of our care, we appreciate that the choice of where you have your transplant is yours to make. We are committed to having the University of Iowa Organ Transplant Center be the best choice available for your transplant and follow up care.

Contact Us to Set Up an Evaluation

We invite you to contact one of our organ transplant care teams to begin the transplant journey.

Kidney and Pancreas

UI Organ Transplant Center: 1-877-386-9108

Liver and Hepatobiliary

UI Organ Transplant and Hepatobiliary Center: 1-877-386-9108


UI Heart and Vascular Center: 1-800-777-8442


UI Lung Transplant Program: 1-319-356-1616

Blood and Marrow

UI Blood and Marrow Transplant Program: 1-319-384-8828