Project Art Permanent Collection

Project Art oversees the care of more than 5,800 objects, including more than 2,200 framed posters and 3,900 works of original art. These feature a variety of media, such as drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramic art, fiber art, photography, and mixed media. The artwork selected seeks to soothe, stimulate, and educate the hospital audience.

The permanent collection includes five concentrations:

IOWA ART: Work by accomplished artists who have lived in Iowa or were educated in IowaPhoto 3

Joseph A. Patrick, Roadside: Viva Mexico!, oil on linen, 1982 - level 3, elevator F

WORLD CULTURES: Work reflecting historic and contemporary artwork by people of various cultures. A large number of Turkish weavings included in this category incorporate intricate weaving, rich color, and complex patterns, reflecting a variety of historical techniques and traditions unique to Turkish artisans. Acquired in 1987, this collection includes prayer rugs, saddle bags, storage bags, and kilims from the early 1900s.Picture of Art 2151

Yastik from Malayta, unknown weaver, hand-woven fiber - level 7, John Colloton Pavilion

MODERN AMERICAN MASTERS: Work by nationally and internationally recognized twentieth-century American artists.Photo 3 2

Philip Guston, Shoes, lithograph - level 4, John Papajohn Pavilion

GLASS ART: Work by internationally recognized artists exemplifying current directions in the contemporary glass movement.Photo 5 PictureDale Chihuly, Untitled, from the Sea Form Series, blown glass, 1986 - level 8, elevator F

EMERGING ARTISTS: Work by visual artists just beginning their professional careers.

UIHC Hall Esiepman

Halle Siepman, Architectural Imagination, oil on panel, 2015 - level 8, Roy Carver Pavilion (by the East Room)

A priority of Project Art is the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of a permanent art collection, which serves as a visible expression of the commitment UI Hospitals & Clinics has made to humanize the hospital environment.

Support for this collection comes from direct gifts from patrons and artists and purchases supported by commissions from exhibition sales and hospital funds. Purchases of artwork are in accordance with the Iowa Art in State Buildings program.