Pros and Cons of Clinical Research


  • You may get promising new treatment methods that you can’t get outside clinical research.
  • The new method may have less side effects than the usual care.
  • You may be the first to benefit from the new method.
  • You are helping others with the same disease, both now and in the future.
  • You play an active role in your own health care.


  • New drugs or methods are not always better than the normal treatment.
  • New methods may have side effects or risks that doctors do not expect or are worse than those from the normal treatment.
  • If you are in a randomized study you will not be able to choose the treatment you receive.
  • Your health insurance may not cover all costs.
  • You may need to make more visits to the hospital or clinic.
  • Even if a new treatment has benefits, it may not work for you.