Radiation Oncology Clinic


Radiation treats cancer by using high-energy beams to kill tumor cells. To spare normal tissues, shaped radiation beams are aimed from several angles of exposure to intersect at the tumor, providing a much larger total dose to the tumor than to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Your cancer care may call for using these precise beams of radiation to destroy your tumors. If so, you want your care to be in the hands of experts who can assure that the process is done with complete accuracy and safety.

The doctors, nurses, radiation specialists, and technicians who provide your radiation therapy in the UI Department of Radiation Oncology are professionals at the top of their field. Not only do they deliver this high level of care to hundreds of patients each year, they are also at the forefront of their discipline, pioneering new and more effective means to deliver your care safely and accurately.

 Watch our detailed education video

Take a 12.5 minute tour to learn what happens during radiation treatment for cancer. This is a detailed education video to better prepare patients for radiation therapy coupled with patient stories.

Seven Reasons Why Iowa Should Be Your Choice for Radiation Therapy

  1. A Caring Team 
    • Our doctors, nurses, and therapists are not only experts in cancer care, they're compassionate when it comes to your wellbeing. Our patients routinely give us the highest satisfaction scores for our service.
  2. A Multidisciplinary Approach 
    • Our approach brings together specialists who focus on one or two types of cancer and who have expertise in chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. In one location, each member of the team comes together to see you rather than have you visit multiple clinics. 
  3. Cancer Survivorship Clinic 
    • Your care does not end when your treatment is over. Our cancer survivorship staff members help you cope with any side effects from the cancer and the cancer treatment.
  4. Clinical Trials 
    • Our own doctors partner with specialists around the country to offer new therapy techniques not yet available everywhere.
  5. Commitment to Improvement 
    • Our caregivers combine scientific understanding with innovation to offer procedures that frequently go from clinical trials to standard treatments being adopted nationally.
  6. Imaging 
    • We use state-of-the-art imaging techniques to locate precisely where the radiation needs to be delivered to destroy tumor cells and spare healthy tissues. By imaging your tumor frequently, we are able to detect small changes and target the radiation effectively.
  7. More Treatment Options 
    • Our catalog of treatment types is comprehensive. Many hospitals offer one or two types of radiation therapy.
    • At UI we offer many types of radiation therapy to best suit your specific needs.
    • You have the confidence that we'll be using the treatment right for your condition.

Radiation Oncology Care Team