Radiation Oncology Clinic


Radiation therapy is the use of carefully directed, high-energy X-ray beams to treat cancer, benign growths and other physical conditions. Therapy is performed using either external beam radiotherapy or brachytherapy.

What to Expect

After seeing one of our doctors you will have a good idea of what to expect during treatment. Before then, we invite you to to view a 12-minute video for a behind-the-scenes look at radiation therapy care in our clinic.

Our Team

It is the team of caregivers who make the difference to the quality of care that you receive. Our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, physicists and dosimetrists are here to ensure that you are treated as a person not a number, a human and not a data point. Each of our staff members enjoys exploring new—and better—ways of treating your condition.

Treatment Options

Innovative treatments offered by our team include those specifically for breast cancer (Intra-operative radiation therapy IORT), Lung cancer (gated Stereotactic Radiation therapy) and prostate cancer (High-dose rate–HDR- brachytherapy) as well as more conventional treatments like IGRT and low-dose brachytherapy implants.

Clinical Trials

Our providers and researchers are part of several ongoing clinical trials aimed at testing new medicines, technology, and treatments. We will work closely with you to see if there are advantages to your care as a participant in one of these trials.

Cancer Survivorship

After treatment we offer long-term support to patients who have undergone radiation therapy, offering a survivorship program unique to the type of treatment you have received.

Radiation Oncology Care Team